How To Save Money on Gas

Brittney Richey
April 19 2023

As gas prices continue to rise, saving money on fuel has become increasingly important for many people. Whether you're driving a gas-guzzling SUV or a fuel-efficient sedan, reducing your gas expenses can make a big difference in your monthly budget. Luckily, there are strategies and tips you can use to save money on gas without sacrificing your lifestyle or convenience. 

Plan Your Trips

Try to plan your errands for the same day so you can avoid multiple trips, but avoid running those errands during rush hour because you can waste a lot of fuel by sitting in idle or stop-and-go traffic.


Carpooling to work or taking public transportation can reduce the number of vehicles on the road and save on overall gas expenses. If possible, you could even bike to work or the grocery store a few times a week to save money.

Choose the Right Type of Gasoline

The type of gas you get can help improve fuel efficiency and save money. But how do you know which gas is best for your vehicle? Check your vehicle's owner manual for the recommended fuel type. If your manual recommends using regular gasoline, don’t worry about putting premium gas in your car. Doing so will not improve engine performance; it will only waste money. 


However, if your vehicle requires premium fuel, then using regular will harm your engine. Closely follow those specifications to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce the money you spend on gas over time.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Keeping your engine oil clean can improve fuel efficiency and extend the life of your engine. Additionally, dirty air filters lead to poor engine performance. Replace your air filter regularly to improve your gas mileage.


Make sure your gas cap is securely fastened after filling up because a loose gas cap can cause fuel to evaporate. And every time you’re at the pump, check to see that your tires are properly inflated. Underinflated tires reduce fuel efficiency and increase wear and tear on your vehicle. 

Drive Efficiently

Your driving habits can significantly impact your vehicle's fuel efficiency. For example, rapid acceleration uses more fuel than necessary. Try to accelerate slowly and smoothly to conserve gas.


Driving at higher speeds also requires more fuel to maintain. Try to stay within the speed limit to conserve fuel. Using cruise control to maintain a steady speed when driving on the highway is always a smart move.


Lastly, idling can waste fuel and contribute to air pollution. If you are parked or stopped for more than a minute or two, turn off your engine. 

Monitor Fuel Economy

Keep track of your gas mileage by recording the number of miles you drive between fill-ups and the amount of fuel you used during that time. This can help you identify changes in your car’s fuel efficiency so you can adjust your driving habits. A drop in miles per gallon can indicate a problem with your vehicle that may need to be addressed.

Purchase a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Research a vehicle's fuel efficiency rating before you make a purchase. Hybrid or electric vehicles are often more fuel-efficient than traditional gasoline vehicles. Consider whether one of these vehicles might be a good choice for you.


Don’t forget to assess your driving needs and whether you have a vehicle that’s too big for you and your family. Larger vehicles generally use more fuel than smaller ones, so you’d be wasting money on gas if you’re driving a big vehicle you don’t actually need. It would be better to trade in your vehicle and buy a pre-owned car.

Use Gasoline Discounts and Rewards

One way to save money on gas is by participating in loyalty programs offered by gas stations and grocery stores. These programs typically allow customers to earn points or rewards for their purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts on gas or other products. Some loyalty programs also offer additional perks, such as free car washes or discounted snacks and drinks.


Many credit cards also offer bonus rewards for purchases at gas stations, making it easy to earn points or cashback on your gas purchases. Some credit cards even offer higher rewards for gas purchases during certain times of the year, such as the summer months when more people are traveling.

Save Gas Money With a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

By implementing these practices, you can achieve significant savings on gas over time and free up more money in your monthly budget for other expenses or savings. 


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Brittney Richey